Almost Here

Where has the time gone!? I was suppose to read 5 books this summer. Miss Charlie and I were going to work on her reading words each day. Mr Simon was going to be completely potty trained. So many projects were lined up to get done. Just like that we have just over a week left of summer. Read More

Time off

I finally took some well deserved time off this past week and didn’t work or pick up any shifts and it was needed! I organized and cleaned well as much as you can do with a two kiddos and a puppy, haha and of course went swimming and relaxed a bit too. Read More

School Lunches

Last year Miss Charlie only went to kindergarten until 12pm. So I did not need to make her a lunch for school and only had to pack a morning snack for her. I absolutely loved this and having her home early for the day was great. Now this year she is at school until 3pm except for on Friday. On Friday’s all of the kids get out at 12pm. #woot Read More


We have a new family member named Java! Since our 10 year old chihuahua passed away there has been a lot of dog talk in this house. I always thought that after Billy was gone that we would take an animal break. I also thought though that it would still be a few more years until she was actually gone. Read More

Made for More

Hi guys today  I am enjoying the sunshine. We have had rain, cloudy, and muggy days around here and this is our first beautiful day in awhile. So I am with the kids by the pool soaking up every ounce of it. Before I head back to life with the kids though I wanted to share this video with you: Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

This was a MUCH happier week over here! This weekend I must work BUT we have an exciting long weekend to look forward to in the near future and I am going to be doing a lot of packing next week. Raise your hand or your coffee mug if you have great plans next weekend…cheers! Now onto the stuff making me happy right now! Read More