Kindergarten Prep

Is it too early to be thinking about school? Not for this Mama I have been thinking about this upcoming day since Miss Charlie was in the womb. When she was around two it seemed like it would never come. We then came into age five like the fast and the furious no matter how hard I tried to put on the breaks. Now we are into July and the countdown is on to my oldest child’s first day of school. I was recently emailed the supply list from the school and found myself near a “Staples”. In I went and brought up the shared list on my phone and did my shopping. It was a week day morning and one other customer was in the store. As a first time school supply buyer this was perfection because I needed direction from the workers a few times. They were very helpful! I did not wait in a line and had everything I needed and exited the store fifteen minutes later. Mamas if your time is at all valuable get out and get it all done now while everything is nice and neat on the shelves and easy to find. Read More

Explore your City

I am always looking for fun inexpensive things for the kids and I to do while Jordan is on shift. On this day I decided to take them uptown Saint John. Exploring your own city is a great way to put in a morning(or afternoon). We did not pay for any tours or anything extra we simply just went for a walk but being in the bustling city held their attention and we had a blast. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

I am sitting here in the Macdonald’s parking lot drinking an ice coffee and stealing their wifi to write this post. Since the big thunder and lightening storm our Rogers internet had been out. It has been a crazy week of great times and hard times. The lightening also hit our well pump so Jordan was hard at work fixing the electrical box on that which meant no water. We finally managed to get away for our first camping experience which was awesome and we can’t wait to do it again! Now let’s chat about my 5 ¬†things for this week: Read More

Ikea DIY

This week I have been busy painting and building. Last month we ordered twin beds, twin mattresses, bedding, and nightstands from IKEA for the kids. We ordered them into an IKEA pickup spot in Saint John for $60 shipping since the closest store to us right now is Montreal( one is due to open closer in Halifax soon). Mr Simon is still in his crib and so we focused on getting Miss Charlie’s bed painted and together first. Read More

Mother’s Day 2017

Is it just me or is Mother’s Day a super awkward holiday? Hear me out: I feel like I am being handed a gold medal before I hit the end of the race. I have always been excited to celebrate my own Mother on Mother’s Day but honestly it just doesn’t feel like a holiday for me. Partly because.. wait: what? I have kids, and believe it or not; that is still surprising to me. Also, it is because they are young and I am still forming them into the little people I would like them to be. I find myself thinking of the people who have lost Mothers or kids and just how hard this holiday can be like the women out there that don’t have children by choice or not. I can think of several that have given me a helping hand and totally deserve to be recognize on this holiday. It takes a village. I should note that I am often very awkward when receiving praise or gifts so it make sense that this would be an awkward holiday for me personally. Read More

Sleep Blogging

Can someone please hand me an ice latte??? This morning I am not sleep walking I am sleep blogging! What a weekend! Right now I am headed to LaLa land as I worked all night last night and am exhausted but could one of you kind readers please inform Jordan that I need a skinny vanilla iced latte handed to me around 12:30pm to wake me up. Mondays are the day I do the bulk of the cleaning around the house and I am going to need me some caffeine to perk up and get it done this afternoon. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

Could life just slow down a bit please?! I feel like each week is just flying by I can’t believe it is Friday again already. Preschool every morning has been making my week full and busy. I must say though: I love the fact that it gets me up, ready, and out the door each day. On days we are home I try to be out of my pj’s and ready for the day by 10 am. For the most part I am but it feels even better to be ready by 08:30 am. My days that start with me ready early are so much more productive! I think I need to plan early days this Summer where I get things done in the morning. This morning won’t be so productive for me because I am just getting off work and heading to bed. Let’s get on with the happy so I can get some shut eye! Read More