Fabfitfun Fall 2017

On Friday’s around here I usually do my “5 Things that make me Happy” post but today we are doing things a little bit differently. I received my Fabfitfun Box and could not wait til Monday to post about it. So I am posting about it today and sharing my 5 favourite items from the box. I received my first box one year ago! Guys, I love this box subscription before taking the plunge to join I drooled over boxes every season. Now it is like Christmas morning when it arrives. The box was filled with almost $400(us) of stuff! Here are my top 5 picks: Read More


This picture not so flattering but best describes #momlife to me. Being a Mom is messy! One minute you are the best most loved person on the entire planet and the next minute they are mad at you. Mad because you put broccoli on their plate, sang to loud in the van, or told them to get dressed. As a Mom you never really know what you are going to do wrong or right next. I am pretty sure the only thing that keeps me sane during the most important job I will ever have is my sense of humour. There is a lot of “funny” in this Mom job! Read More

Life Lately

Life lately has been filled with so much fun but it hasn’t exactly been relaxing. In the last four days I worked two night shifts and was not able to sleep after either of them. We just have too many things going on and conflicting. Thankfully it was all really fun enjoyable things that were definitely worth the lack of sleep. I feel I should put a sign on my door immediately that says “Enter at your Own Risk”. When life becomes this kind of busy something always pays for it. I am not super Mom over here and I definitely cannot do it all. My house looks like Hurricane Irma came into it. The laundry that is piled up may take a year to finish and I am sure I will spend the day today just dealing with the clutter of toys and things that have made their way across the house. Caffeine has helped me that last few days and instead of cleaning when I had a couple hours I went out with my sister to Starbucks. I ordered my #PSL iced and sat and enjoyed it outside. It was blissful. Sometimes the housework can wait. Read More

September Love

Right now my heart goes out to Cuba, the Caribbeans, all of those little islands and of course the States with all of the Hurricane Insanity. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to have to start all over. We are definately blessed here in the maritimes when it comes to weather systems(which we often forget come snow season). The last few days have been absolutley beautiful and we have been soaking it all in knowing these warmers days are about to come to an end. Read More

School Girl

After much anticipation we sent this girl off for her first few days of school. I held back my tears and it went really well. On the morning of the first day we had breakfast as a family before taking her to her new school. She was very excited. We did our first day of school pictures at the top of our driveway beside our maple tree. We will now take a picture here every year on the first day back to school. I might even take a last day photo here too. The leaves changing was the perfect fall backdrop. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

What a FULL week. I am ending this week absolutely exhausted! We started the week with a day trip to visit family which included 5hrs of driving for moi. Miss Charlies started school in the middle of the week, I worked a night shift, and we are ending it with a bang partying it up tonight with one of our favourite families! It was an exciting, busy and exhausting week but we made it! Now it is time to enjoy Miss Charlie’s first weekend off from school! We had a lot of great, happy moments this week that I can’t wait to share with, so here we go: Read More

New Beginnings

As you read this post this morning I am buttoning up this little gal’s blouse and tucking it into her skirt, brushing her hair out and putting the finishing touches of cute new barrettes in her hair for her first day of school. I am holding back each and every tear as to not cause her reason to worry or be sad on this very important day in her life. I am weighed down by the hurt and pain felt years ago on a dark day when my hopes and dreams of having a little girl were abruptly taken away from me that this day would never come. Today though, no matter the weather outside my window, is the most beautiful day. Today is a day I have spent much time thinking about over the years and now it is suddenly at my feet. With each step I take to walk her towards a building that will help her grow into the kind lady I want her to be it will also be the first wall between us. Her first step towards independence. This sweet, beautiful, energetic girl was never mine to keep and now I must let go of her little hand and trust that God is with her and back out of the classroom and wave goodbye. I then plan to race to my vehicle before the tears start streaming down my face. This is a new beginning for us and I pray this chapter of her life goes SLOW! I don’t even want to think in this moment how I will make it through her graduation. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

Oh my goodness this week flew by! I wanted it to go snail slow but each day just seemed to go in quicker. I am so excited/nervous for Miss Charlie to start school next week. I feel like it is my first day of school. My girl is more than ready and we are both going to be just fine. I want school to be a joyful experience for her. I want her to be intellectually challenged in a safe comfortable environment. It was not an easy decision to send her to a private school. Over the summer Jordan and I have put in extra hours of work to pay for it. Looking at her schedule for the year I can already tell it was worth it. I can’t wait to watch this little girl grow this year. Now lets get on with some other happy: Read More

Summer’s End

As I type this, I am in a very messy house because we have been out so much enjoying every last minute of summer. This week I am getting organized but I am also soaking up the sunny days with the kids. I purchased my 2018 agenda the other day and have been busy filling that in with appointments and reminders. It is something I enjoy taking the time to do and writing down important dates helps me to remember them much better. I also put them in my google calendar which syncs to my apple watch and helps with my bad ol’ memory too. Read More