Happier at Home December

Yes, I know we are a little late to the game because it is almost the end of January but please cut me some slack. In December, I not only had the holidays to tackle with but I also started a new job; which unfortunately did not leave much time for reading. This chapter though was amazing and I am so glad I did end up taking the time. Better late than never! Read More

Give Back

What a great weekend! The kids and I had a great time together this weekend. Jordan was working nights all weekend so he missed out on all the fun. Each evening this weekend I kept Miss Charlie up later so that her and I could have popcorn and watch “Anne with an E” on Netflix. Saturday evening she fell asleep on me and I could not stop watching it is just so good! Yesterday we spent time at Grandma’s and went sledding with cousins which was great fun. What I want to talk about today though is what we did on Saturday. We went canvassing for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

Hello Friday! Wow, this week went by so quick. I work today but am looking forward to the rest of the weekend off with the kids! Now onto some of the happy from this week:

Number One

This boy has decided he is now old enough to brush his teeth at the sink like a big boy! How cute is he in his Dino jammies. I set him up and then ran to get my phone to take this pic. It is these simple everyday moments that make me so happy. Nothing special just the sweetest little boy doing his nightly routine before bed. Can I just hold onto these moments forever! #mommysboy Read More

Change it Up

Do I look as tired as I feel??? Hello Wednesday! Since New Years Eve we have been taking turns getting sick with the flu/cold in this house. It seems one of us gets hit with a bug every few days. I have personally been sick twice in the past two weeks! Cold and Flu season is truly kicking our butts this year. I am going to say pretty confidently that they did not get the flu shot right this time around since we all had ours and we have all been sick this season. Amongst the chaos of sickness though I have been cleaning, organizing, and changing around our house. In this picture I am sitting on one of our newest purchases! Read More

Bathroom Renovations 2018

After Christmas and before we even began taking down the Christmas decor we started renovating our bathroom. Jordan was on vacation so it seemed like the perfect time to get started on a project before he headed back to work. Looking back we should have waited. In the midst of renovating I came down with the flu. Our Christmas decor lingered into January and half of our bathroom was sitting in the hall…for days. I am happy it is pretty much completed and yes the Christmas decor finally got put away but our home still remains in chaos. Miss Charlie started with the flu last week which meant my focus was on her and laundry not a tidy house. Hopefully by the end of this month we will have everything where it needs to be. Renovating with kids is a challenge even when you are only doing a small bathroom. Read More

Snow falling outside Tornado hit inside

It seems like every time I look out my window snow is falling from the sky. I actually have been really enjoying it.  I am trying not to get too attached because word on the street is that a lot of rain is headed our way. All week though I have been sending the kids out to play and they have been really enjoying it. They stay out until I make them come in and only listen to me when I bribe them with hot chocolates or they use it as a bargaining tool. “We will come in if you make us hot chocolate” haha I love it and usually oblige. Read More

New Year New Changes

School is back today!!! I am dropping off Miss Charlie this morning with a huge change…glasses! I am so glad she had Winter break to get use to wearing them. She has been great at keeping them on and remembering to put them on each day. She takes great care of them but by the end of the day I have to scrub them they are so filthy! She has been loving the extra attention her new specs have been getting her. Several people thought I have been wearing them on her for fashion and that they are not real, haha. They are REAL I am not that committed to fashion that I would get my kid to wear fake glasses. Miss Charlie knew she wanted pink glasses the moment she was told she was getting them. These ones are Disney brand and I think they really suite her. We only bought the one pair for now but as I get ready to send her to school it is making me nervous so I think I better order another pair ASAP. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

Hello 2018! I hope that you bring me so much happiness but even if you don’t, I am going to find it each week right here! Having a positive attitude is what truly makes me happy, so each week I find 5 things that made me swoon, giddy, or jump for joy. From something or someone I am loving to something really simple. Here are my five to start off the new year: Read More