We have a new family member named Java! Since our 10 year old chihuahua passed away there has been a lot of dog talk in this house. I always thought that after Billy was gone that we would take an animal break. I also thought though that it would still be a few more years until she was actually gone. Read More

Made for More

Hi guys today  I am enjoying the sunshine. We have had rain, cloudy, and muggy days around here and this is our first beautiful day in awhile. So I am with the kids by the pool soaking up every ounce of it. Before I head back to life with the kids though I wanted to share this video with you: Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

This was a MUCH happier week over here! This weekend I must work BUT we have an exciting long weekend to look forward to in the near future and I am going to be doing a lot of packing next week. Raise your hand or your coffee mug if you have great plans next weekend…cheers! Now onto the stuff making me happy right now! Read More

My Camping Gal

Miss Charlie just got back from a two night stay at Camp and I am so happy. That was a LONG three days!!! I never planned to send her to camp at just six years old I always thought she would be at least eight but I have to say this was a great practice run. My hubby and I both grew up going to camp, volunteering at camp, and working at camp. Camp is a wonderful experience. Miss Charlie asked to go after having a field trip with her school to this particular camp. I decided to be brave connected with another Mom in her class and sent her with a friend. Read More

Catch Up

I was MIA on here all of last week. We unexpectedly had to put our 10 year old dog Billy Jean down. It was devastating and the entire family was upset. This was the last picture I took of her. We were waking up Mr Simon from his nap like we did every day. This dog was no more then 3ft away from me at all times. When we would leave the house she would sit at our door and watch us leave and when we arrived home she would greet us. She stayed by my side after miscarriages and joyfully welcomed home my babies. Jordan and I laughed when she stopped getting up for feedings in the middle of the night. She had to draw the line somewhere, haha. When the kids were sick she would lay with them and always loved coming in and waking them up. We all loved her so much. We brought her home and buried her under her favourite apple tree which helped bring closure to us all. It has been heartbreaking though to hear Miss Charlie sob for her. Read More

Summer Life

Before Summer begins I always think of it as lazy days by the pool, picnics, reading on the beach. Each year I think it is going to be this time to slow down. I look at Fall and Winter as busy times. I am realizing I am actually my busiest in the Summer. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy Summer and everything that comes with it but it is not the most relaxing time of year. The most relaxing time of year is the time of year you go on vacation without the kids, haha. In the Maritimes we get a very short Summer. Once it starts the race is on to do all the activities you can’t do during the colder months. Read More

Iced Coffee

I drank a lot of iced coffee this past weekend and even this morning, haha. Truth be told the one I keep on buying I don’t even love. It is cheap, convenient, and gets the job done though aka wakes me up! I just keep on buying it and drinking it up. Read More