Happier at Home: October

Oh sigh, so picture perfect cute! Ugh…so not the case! Lately I have been a less than a stellar wife. Gosh what this man puts up with, haha! I have been putting off writing this post because October was truly sucky wife month for me! What can I say? Every dog has it’s…month!?  I was late in the month finishing this chapter and I definitely needed it much earlier. Read More

5 Things that make me Happy

This week went by so quickly for us! It was a good one though and I am looking forward to this weekend! My BFF is coming for a visit. She was suppose to come a couple of weeks ago but ended up sick so finally she is on her way and I cannot wait to spend some time with her. Also, it is a long weekend and I am very much looking forward to not having to get up on Monday morning and do the school run! It was a great week and looking like an even better weekend now let’s get on to the Happy! Read More

Forever Friends

It is no secret that I love my podcasts. If you do not listen to podcasts please, please, please try one today!!! I listen to them when I’m driving, doing chores around the house, and even in the shower. Jordan and I both are podcast fans. There are so many great ones out there and I find it way more enjoyable then tunes…unless it is Christmas tunes, haha. One of my favorite bloggers and author started a podcast recently and guys she has so much goodness to share! It is Stephanie May Wilson. Read More

Hello November

The first week of November has been a great one. I love this month not only because it is my birthday month but also because it is the transition month into full blown winter. By the end of this month we usually see our first snowfall or at the very least it gets very cold which means hats, mitts, and winter jackets come out. I had a pretty great weekend and this is how it started. For part of my Mom’s birthday gift my Sister and I took her to Cora’s for breakfast. There I was introduced to the best breakfast option EVER! This is called the “Undecided”. It says on the sign that it is only available for a limited time so RUN there now! It was the perfect way to start my Friday Mr Simon delightfully shared with me and agreed! Read More

5 Netflix Shows that make me Happy

As you noticed by the title we are switching things up over here a bit. Today I am sharing with you 5 Netflix shows that make me happy!!! We are a little more than obsessed with Netflix over here. I have my shows that I watch alone and Jordan has his and then we have shows we watch together. There are so many great shows but sometimes we just pass them by unsure whether to try them out or not. I mean there is literally so MUCH to choose from! Here we go with 5 shows I have watched recently or am currently watching and enjoying: Read More

Trick or Treat

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! I know we certainly did! We managed to grab a family selfie before we took on the houses for candy. Each year we take the kids out trick or treating and it is such a fun family activity. It always makes me laugh how quickly children learn to go door to door and say: “trick or treat”. Mr Simon is now a pro. Read More

Birthday Bash

We partied hard for this little 2 year old. Yes, Mr Simon is officially two! I am sure about now that he thinks life is one big party because we have been non-stop celebrating. It started off with his cousins surprising him on Wednesday afternoon with cake and a “Peppa Pig” party. Mr Simon loves “Peppa Pig” so much. I have never done a character themed birthday but for my little boy, well you should hear him oink! On the day of his birthday he woke up to a “Peppa Pig” pancake breakfast and presents from us. We bought him and Miss Charlie “Peppa Pig” t-shirts and they were them all day. Miss Charlie always says she is “Peppa” and Mr Simon is “George” and quite often she refers to us as “Mama Pig” and “Daddy Pig” and we try not to get offended, haha. Read More

Goodbyes are Hard

First thing first: this boy turns 2 this week! We are so excited to get celebrating for Mr Simon’s second birthday. I cannot believe he is two already. I mean, he was a newborn yesterday, I swear. We have some plans in the works so I will not be posting on Friday this week because my focus will be on having fun with this little boy and spending some family time. On Monday I will be sharing all about his birthday celebrations though some come back here then for that! Read More

Pumpkin Fever

This year we missed out on apple picking which is usually our favourite fall activity to do together so we decided to have a pumpkin carving family day instead. It was a great afternoon. We headed to Brunswick Nurseries to feed the animals and had plans to pick up our pumpkins there too but sadly they were all gone. Instead, we stopped by Superstore on our way home and I was so excited that they had white pumpkins. Miss Charlie saw my excitement and decided she needed a white pumpkin to carve also. Read More